Environment Modeling

We possess modeling and software know-how for environmental design and planning.

BIM or information modeling of environmental designs

Visualizations with high-quality vegetation modeling

Dynamic VR or virtual reality models in participatory planning processes

Decision-making and project communication with VR models

Aerial views with drone photography methods

Landscape photogrammetry of planning and design sites

We turn real environments into vivid virtual reality experiences that change over time.

Vivid extended reality or XR means digital model of our physical environment. A time variable enables to try out impacts of planning and environmental changes in a realistic setting.

Vivid XR as part of design and planning of our environment we live in.

Time is one of the most important factors in environmental planning and design. We therefore make time visible in realistic virtual reality experiences where a dynamic natural environment changes and develops following seasons and passing years. We have created a game engine platform which allows to review plans and design in a realistic context with natural processes.

Extended reality experiences are generated with game engine technology that has been developed within the video game industry.

Game engines combine programming and digital models. In the last years game engine’s features have been found useful beyond video game industry. The most used game engines are Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. They differ in features, operating principles and strengths but at the end generate essentially similar end results. Virtual reality extensions of BIM softwares are also based on game engine technology.

The most significant added value game engines bring to environmental design modeling is the possibility to present seasonal, daytime and climatic changes and for instance 3D vegetation growth.

Modeling in architecture and construction industry is focused to finish an object-like creation. This differs significantly from landscape design’s aim to reconcile dynamic processes and living elements. With game engines it is possible to bring digital landscape designs to life and thus study the spatial and experiential transformations caused by environmental and social phenomenons.

VR, AR and XR are all terms referring to the concept of extended reality.

XR or Extended Reality is an umbrella term that covers more specific terms such as AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual Reality. Sometimes MR or Mixed Reality is used as an alternative to the term XR. These appellations are likely to change in the near future. More importantly, in the near future the technology that these terms present will offer multiple ways to develop design processes in various fields.

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